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The Evolution of Brand Security

The Evolution of Brand Security

The Evolution of Brand Security

Protect What's Important


Just as animals instinctively protect their young, businesses instinctively protect their assets. Business professionals and legal practitioners concerned about protecting their intellectual property turn to Principium Strategies for help. Our unique blend of technology and expertise provide security, reliability and support - so you never have to question protection.


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Principium Strategies | Watch Services

Watch Services

Offering state of the art trademark surveillance services at reasonable costs, Principium Strategies provides customized and effective trademark watch strategies for protecting your brands. Your trademarks are your reputation and your source of revenue. Principium Strategies has developed proven methods to allow you to safeguard the goodwill you have developed in the marketplace through your intangible assets.

Principium Strategies delivers accurate and timely reports with industry leading translations of goods and services. We are known for our expertise in IP matters, our unparalleled linguistic specialists, our network of global agents, and our friendly and efficient customer support. Watch notices are delivered to you through user friendly emails, our newly launched and flexible online watch portal, and, if requested, via hard copy.

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Principium Strategies | Domain Services

Domain Services

Renowned for innovation and expertise in the domain protection arena, Principium Strategies provides domain registration and maintenance, as well as highly effective domain acquisition and recovery support to our global clientele.

Principium Strategies’ customers enjoy the same personalized service of their intellectual property assets they are used to from a law firm at the cost of a domain registrar – a combination no other law firm, registrar, or brand management department can offer.

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