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Principium Strategies provides comprehensive watch and domain services to a global clientele. Drawing on a legacy of intellectual property protection expertise and a well-established network of dedicated, skilled professionals, we proactively identify and respond to threats to our client’s brand identities as they emerge, providing highly individualized and focused guidance so clients maximize the value of their brands.

Principium Strategies Watch Services

Our fully customizable suite of watch services includes trademark monitoring, company name monitoring, digital brand monitoring, and other forms of oversight to protect your organization’s intellectual property online and in over 180 jurisdictions. Industry-leading complimentary translation services include Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, and other non-Latin characters. Enjoy the competitive advantage that comes with true vigilance. When you choose Principium Strategies, a dedicated expert account manager is available to you 24 hours a day.

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Principium Strategies Domain Services

Renowned for innovation and expertise in the domain protection arena, Principium Strategies provides domain registration and maintenance, as well as highly effective domain acquisition and recovery support to our global clientele. Principium Strategies’ customers enjoy the same personalized service of their intellectual property assets they are used to from a law firm at the cost of a domain registrar – a combination no other law firm, registrar, or brand management department can offer.

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