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We helped lay the foundations of our industry. And now we’re building its future.

From the earliest days, trademark, surveillance and brand protection have played a critical role in commerce. With this understanding our forbearers forged the principles upon which today’s brand security relies: integrity, vigilance and innovation.

Over time, science, technology, and methodology have advanced. Utilizing these advancements, Principium Strategies proactively identifies and responds to emerging threats to our client’s brand identities, providing highly individualized and focused guidance so clients maximize the value of their intellectual property.

For nearly a century, our team has been at the forefront of Intellectual Property protection. Ladas & Parry has long enjoyed a global reputation for excellence; the trademark monitoring services Ladas & Parry’s Watch Services division provided contributed significantly to this renown. In 2004, Ladas Domains was launched, filling a unique role in the marketplace as an accredited private registrar associated with an IP law firm. Principium Strategies is the product of the consolidation of these complementary entities.

As a unified force, Principium Strategies serves as a strong organizational foundation that also supports the provision of additional brand protection services, such as brand auditing, social media and mobile app watches, domain brokerage and more.  Continual innovation positions Principium Strategies as a true agent of the evolution of brand security, fully equipped with its founding firm’s considerable expertise in global brand protection.

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