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Brand Protection Alert: These Second-Level Registrations are Opening

A number of jurisdictions are opening direct second-level registrations to users seeking more options in the country-code space. If you hold business interests in these jurisdictions, we recommend that you protect your brands accordingly. For example, is a second-level domain, whereas is a third-level domain.

Here’s what to expect in the next coming months regarding second-level domain registrations:

.nz (New Zealand) – While second-level .nz registrations are currently open, the Conflicted Name Process (“CNF”) remains active until Oct. 18, 2017. The CNF provides current owners of third-level domains, such as,,, etc., preferential rights to register the corresponding second-level .nz domain. If two or more of these parties express interest in the same .nz domain during this phase, they must either resolve the matter directly with each other or use the registry’s free facilitation service. Otherwise, the domains will remain “conflicted.”

.ke (Kenya) – Second-level .ke Sunrise is now open to Kenyan trademark holders through Oct. 22, 2017, while a 30-day Landrush immediately follows through Nov. 22, 2017.

.mt (Malta) – Beginning Dec. 1, 2017, owners of third-level .mt domains registered prior to June 1, 2016, have priority to block second-level .mt domains during the “Preferential Registration Period” lasting three-years.

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