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New Principium Pod Episode: GDPR, WHOIS and ICANN 61

Principium president Dennis Prahl recently returned from the ICANN 61 Community Forum held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. By far, the most discussed topic at the conference was the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is the number one priority of the domain name and ICANN community.

To review, the GDPR is a European Union law designed to standardize data protection and privacy for its citizens. Organizations both inside and outside the EU must comply if they obtain and process EU citizen data. Enforcement of the law commences May 25, 2018. The domain community’s concern with GDPR centers on how WHOIS data processing will be affected and how the different community stakeholders will be affected by GDPR, including the intellectual property community.

Listen to our latest episode of The Principium Pod, where Dennis Prahl and Principium director of digital Sean Wilke go into depth on GDPR and its impact on WHOIS and the domain community in general.

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