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Ladas Domains is now part of Principium Strategies

Ladas Domains, a leading provider of domain registration and protection services, will now be known as Principium Strategies after a merger with the Watch Services division of Ladas & Parry LLP. The new company offers domain name services in addition to a wide range of brand monitoring tools.

Although the name has changed, the company’s focus has not: helping brands protect and monitor their intellectual property assets.

Principium Strategies will make its debut as one company at the International Trademark Association (INTA) Trademark Administrators and Practitioners Meeting held from September 17-19 in New Orleans, LA. Principium will co-sponsor the event alongside its partner Ladas & Parry LLP.

The name Principium Strategies reflects the steadfast adherence to the first principles of brand protection, namely integrity, vigilance, and innovation. The term “strategies” articulates the organization’s relationship-based approach, which provides tailored individual attention, flexibility, responsiveness and a commitment to providing tools that meet current and emerging needs.