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Ladas & Parry Watch Services & Ladas Domains Merge – Now Principium Strategies

Principium Strategies delivers concierge-level service with an expanded suite of brand security products, cutting edge vision and proven expertise.

New York City, NY – Ladas & Parry Watch Services, a division of the globally renowned IP law firm Ladas & Parry LLP, announced today that it has united with Ladas Domains, a leading provider of domain registration and protection services, to form Principium Strategies. The new Principium Strategies offers a wide range of brand monitoring surveillance tools, as well as domain name services, with particular expertise in serving emerging global markets. To address the growing policing challenges of IP owners, new proprietary systems have been implemented which provide Principium Strategies’ clientele with enhanced flexibility, faster delivery, comprehensive and accurate translations of goods and services globally, and more robust QC processes. In addition to the new name, a new positioning statement reflecting seventy years of industry leadership was also announced, “The Evolution of Brand Security”.

The name “Principium Strategies” was chosen because it evokes a Classical tradition of excellence while representing the organization’s thought leadership role within their space. “Principium” speaks to a steadfast adherence to the first principles of brand protection, namely integrity, vigilance and innovation; “Strategies” articulates the organization’s comprehensive relationship-based approach, which is characterized by tailored individual attention, a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness, and a commitment to providing tools that meet current and emerging needs.

“By unifying Ladas & Parry Watch Services with Ladas Domains in a single organization, Principium Strategies, we consolidate our strengths and reinforce our unique role in the marketplace,” says David Grossman, Director of Trademark Services. “This is a natural progression from our earliest days of intellectual property protection and trademark watch, and Ladas & Parry’s continued innovation as the first law firm to enter the domain registration and protection arena. By providing our clientele with proven expertise, enhanced flexibility and exceptional responsiveness, we serve as the best in class option.”

Within the coming months all communications and marketing materials will be migrated over to the new name and brand standards, including marketing and educational materials. An expanded and improved website has launched at

“There’s a tremendous level of excitement associated with this transition,” says Dennis Prahl, President. “As a long standing, reputable member of the global IP community, we’re very excited to be on the cutting edge of brand surveillance and security. This new positioning allows us to efficiently bring the very best in brand surveillance and digital protection tools to our clientele as they navigate the new challenges inherent in today’s marketplace.”