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Just as actual lightships bring things into view and illuminate dangers, Lightship™ by Principium Strategies allows trademark practitioners everywhere to warn clients of dangers to their brands. Lightship is a licensed solution that puts published trademark information at your fingertips. It allows you to set up trademark queries to run automatically, providing an automatic check of what’s being applied for at your local trademark office and other relevant territories. Lightship holds application information up to 10 years back and is constantly updated with the most recent data.

Currently, Lightship can access more than 39 million records and is expected to grow by 10 million per annum. It also includes English translations of goods and services for all countries up front. Lightship means you can track trademarks you have previously filed or any other trademarks of interest automatically. Lightship makes it easy to promote your services, continue to build your regional reputation and support your clients.

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