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The Principium Pod – Podcast Episode 1: Mitigating Risks of Phishing & Ransomware Attacks

The Principium Pod is a podcast (Apple iTunes / Google Play) on which Principium Strategies’ team members bring you the latest in brand security news. Hosted by Sean Wilke, Principium Director of Digital Services, and Dennis Prahl, President at Principium, the first episode of the Principium Pod focuses on mitigating the risks of phishing and ransomware attacks.

The first segment of the Pod features a guest interview with Dave Newell, Founder of Loptr, LLC, an information security firm based in upstate New York.  Newell gives Wilke a rundown on the differences between phishing and ransomware and describes how brands can best deal with these issues. After that, Wilke and Prahl return to discuss how brands can best protect themselves legally.

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