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Valuable Intellectual Property Assets are Inconsistently Reported

Valuable Intellectual Property Assets are Inconsistently Reported


Recently, the Brand Finance group published their annual paper reviewing intangible assets. In the publication, they called for better consistency when reporting intangible assets, including descriptions of the health and management of the assets, heading toward annual fair value reporting. Those of us that work within the trademark and domain name areas understand the critical importance of the assets we work with, but it’s interesting to see this topic gaining traction with the accounting and governance communities.


Protect What’s Important


Meanwhile, to celebrate the first year of Principium Strategies, we launched a campaign with the motto ‘protect what’s important’, and it’s never been more relevant. The relationship between our purpose and business’ purpose is clear: to maintain and grow assets. Some estimates put the proportion of worldwide organizational value coming from intangible assets at over 50%. Principium Strategies’ service suite is designed exactly for this purpose.


· We defend trademarks with our world class trademark watching service.

· We protect your products and brand with our internet monitoring options.

· We manage your online real estate with our secure and intelligent Domain Portfolio Service.


Our team appreciates the increasing recognition we’ve received in these areas. It’s at the heart of what we do! Brand Finance Review