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Quick Guide | Applicant Watch

Welcome to Quick Guide, a Principium Strategies series featuring current business challenges matched alongside a quick guide of one of our more specialized solutions.


Keeping Ahead of the Competition


Businesses are operating in an increasingly competitive environment; things move quickly for them within organizations and in their marketplaces. Knowing the movements and plans of competitors equips businesses to defend, react and counter. Applicant Watch can help.


Collecting Intelligence


Applicant Watch follows the worldwide trademark application patterns of your competition. We report each time your competitor applies for trademarks, providing detailed information, including:

What – Are they applying for new marks, new products or in new regions? Does the application plan give clues to diversification or increased competitive pressure? Are they working in new classes? What does the goods and service description tell you? Are they protecting marks in a new way that could affect industry behavior (e.g. three-dimensional marks, arguably common industry terms, color marks, etc.)?

Where – Are they planning a launch into a new region? Which countries and regions are they applying in?

When – Trademark applications take some time to process. Applicant Watch can estimate when any commercial activity may begin based upon filing patterns.


Getting Started


If you think that this service would support the brands you look after, it’s very easy to set up. We also have other products that might help with competitive threats such as International Trademark Watching and Domain Name Monitoring. Speak to your Principium team for more information.


Coming soon in quick guides, popular topics including counterfeiting, brand protection in China, brand protection online, and domain management. Stay tuned.