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International Trademark Watch

Covering more than 180 available jurisdictions worldwide, our International Trademark watch is built around our recently launched, state-of-the-art proprietary customized software, which processes all verbal and figurative trademarks published globally in order to pick up potentially confusingly similar third-party applications. Our trademark analysts then review the automated results to ensure that you receive the results which will be relevant to your protected brands. We pride ourselves on delivering timely and accurate reports which provide you with all of the necessary data and tools to act against the potentially objectionable reported marks.

Whether in Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese or Japanese, coverage includes translations and transliterations of non-Latin character marks and the associated goods and services.

Parameters and scope of your subscriptions can be tailored to territorial coverage and broadened or narrowed frame of reference depending on your needs and expectations.
Significant advantages of this service include:

Custom Trademark Watch

Increasingly, trademark owners are interested in monitoring only specific jurisdictions. We understand that your time is valuable and strive to create custom packages that allow you to maximize your time and manage your resources in an efficient manner. You can create your own regional or country groupings to ensure that you receive reports only from these jurisdictions.

The customized service can be filtered down by each of your trademark subscriptions and does not need to apply uniformly to your entire portfolio of trademarks.

Discounted pricing is applicable where coverage is reduced.

One Country Trademark Watch

This service is designed for the brand owner who is interested in monitoring only one jurisdiction and is priced accordingly.

Chinese Character Trademark Watch

Chinese character trademark watching provides unique challenges for both trademark owners and service providers.

With an estimated projection of approximately 8 million trademark filings in 2018, The People’s Republic of China produces a disproportionate number of records that require screening when protecting your trademark rights.

Furthermore, the complexities of the language itself make it a jurisdiction that requires a unique approach.

At Principium we are capable of processing the volumes within industry leading timeframes while providing unparalleled quality. Our team of native speaking Chinese analysts ensure you receive pertinent watch notices with ample time remaining on the opposition deadlines.

Contact us for further details about our Chinese Character Trademark Watch Service.

U.S. Trademark Combined Watch

The U.S. Trademark Combined Watch is designed for those who are interested in having only the U.S. monitored while ensuring that both pre-publication filings and applications published for opposition purposes are covered.

U.S. Early Alert Watch

The U.S. Early Alert service alerts subscribers to U.S. trademark filings before they are published for opposition purposes.

Given the short opposition term in the U.S., this service permits subscribers more time to take action of an objectionable filing and potentially resolve the issue before the application is published for opposition purposes.

U.S. State Trademark Watch

The U.S. State Trademark Watch alerts you to trademarks published in individual U.S. States. Approximately 28 States are covered.

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